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Hanshin University has two libraries, one on the Seoul Campus (Suyuri) and another on the Osan Campus. The library on the Suyuri Campus, named “Janggong Memorial Hall,” accommodates an assortment of books and materials mainly related to theology. It is planning to develop itself as the best specialized theological library in Korea.
In 1991, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our University, the west wing of the Osan central library was established, followed by the east in December 1997. With three above-ground levels plus one basement and a total floor area of some 6,600 square meters, the Library retains a capacity of around 300,000 books.
The introduction of a computerized resource management system in September 2011 enabled integrated information management between the central and Janggong libraries, while also laying a foundation for information exchanges with external organizations and the establishment of a digital library. In order to realize the academic objectives of the University, our libraries have been directing their utmost efforts at helping faculty and students make more effective use of the library by collecting, organizing and preserving a broad spectrum of the books and other information and materials necessary for academic research.
Our libraries serve as academic information centers, a site providing users with simple and friendly access to academic exploration and the satisfaction of their appetites for knowledge.

실명 개관시간 이용
09:00 ~ 20:00 (학기중) 09:00 ~ 17:30 (방학중) 일반자료연람, 대출/반납, 정기간행물/논문
멀티미디어실 09:00 ~ 20:00 (학기중) 09:00 ~ 17:30 (방학중) AV자료、,열람, 대출/반납、 Internet
일반열람실 07:00 ~ 23:00
야간열람실 24시간 개방

Hanshin Newspaper

『Hanshin Newspaper』shares activities and updates news on and off the campus. It plays an important role in advertising the institute and building Hanshin traditions to further advance growth of Hanshinians. Hanshin Newspaper’s values of freedom, truth and justice speak for creative and critical communications that stand behind the university culture.

University Press

University Press plays a key role in spreading knowledge and culture by publishing quality research accessible to all. The history of Hanshin University Press dates back to 1955 when it published the first edition of『Theology Research』. It was officially established in 1971 and registered as a publisher in 1989 serving as a member of the Korea University Press Council since then. Its publishing activities became more robust since the 21st century when it started to reinforce its roles in supporting research and publishing.

Hanshin Broadcasting Station

Hanshin Broadcasting Station airs regular broadcasts three times a day, as well as music and Internet broadcasts, that offer peace of mind to Hanshinians, creates a healthy campus culture and promotes a digital campus culture. A singing contest is held in May every year as a stage where all Hanshinians release their energy. A broadcast festival in October serves as a source of delight and pleasure to all Hanshinians.

  • Title: Hanshin University Broadcasting System
  • Call sign: HBS
  • Motto: Minjung Media
  • Foundation: 1985
  • Broadcast media: audio, video and Internet


The Museum excavates and collects historic relics and related materials to enhance academic research and understanding of our ancestors’ culture. In particular, it preserves folk arts on the verge of extinction that serve as source for valuable research and collects materials on the history of Christianity scattered across the nation. Furthermore, it contributes to protecting the time1honored culture of Korea by studying and excavating relics from times before us.

Center for Lifelong Learning

The Center for Lifelong Learning provides residents in the local community opportunities for lifelong learning, helps advance their knowledge/skills, satisfies their desire for self-achievement and gets involved in the community issues with which to ultimately serve as a contributor to growth of the local community.

Course Title of programs
Composite Arts - Creative writing (composing poetry)
- Church music (conduction); beginning and advanced levels
- Church music (vocal music); beginning and advanced levels
- Church music (organ performance); beginning level
- Church music (organ performance); intermediate level
- Clarinet performance at beginning and intermediate levels
- Practical music (saxophone performance); beginning and intermediate levels
Certificates - Froebel gift instructor
- Game-based mathematics instructor
- Reading and NIE (Newspaper in Education) lecturer
- Laughter coaching specialist (1st grade Laughter Therapist)
- Happiness coordinator (1st grade Happy Home Therapist)
- Leadership, Speech, Discussion and Communication
- Business Magic
- Korean dance instructor (four semesters)
- FUN Jump rope
- 2nd grade children’s therapist in sports and arts
Course Composite Arts
Heath education - Dance sports (Latin dance); beginning level
- Dance sports (Latin dance); intermediate and advanced levels
- Dance sports (Modern dance); beginning and intermediate levels
- Jazz dance
- Yoga
- Worship dance (praise dance)
- Korean dance (beginning and intermediate levels)
- Wushu and Tai chi
- Protocol guard
Special courses - Master course in real estate auctions (day classes)
- Master course in real estate auctions (evening classes)
- Image making for success
- Hiking for medicinal herbs
- Psychomotor development specialist

평생교육원 조직

원장 Min Gyeonghun
운영위원 Hong Seonmi, Jeon Byeongyu, Lee Sangheon

Training Institute for Secondary Education

The Training Institute for Secondary Education was established to meet the demands for creative knowledge to be able to constantly engage in self-innovation in today’s world of globalization and digitalization. The Institute offers the latest expert knowledge, technology and information required to retain its professional caliber status as well as various training courses geared towards linking theory to actual practice.

중등교육원 운영

Operation policy - Designing curriculums combining theory and practice
- Managing training in accordance with regulations of self-evaluation management
- Presenting academic trends and the latest developments in major fields
- Providing practice-centered training courses
- Seeking to improve methods of teaching, studying and evaluation