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Table of University Organization

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General Faculty Council



Chaplain’s Office

Secretary’s Office

Office of External Affairs

University Administration


Undergraduate Schools

Subsidiary organizations

Auxiliary facilities

Industry-Academia Collaboration body

Reserve Forces Squadron (Osan) ·Reserve Forces Company (Seoul)

for University Specialization Projects(Osan)

for University Specialization Projects(Seoul)

Office of Planning | Strategic Management Team

Office of Academic Affairs | Undergraduate School Support Team,
Faculty Support Team, Center for Teaching & Learning

Office of Student Affairs | Students’Support Team,
Center for HR Development

University Secretariat | Administrative Support Team, Accounting Services
Team, Facilities & Property Management Team

Office of Admissions | Admissions Strategy Team

Office of Information Management | Information Management Team

Graduate Schools
Graduate School | Administration Team

Special Graduate School
Graduate School of Education | Administration Team
Graduate School of Social Welfare | Administration Team
Graduate School of Creative Writing | Administration Team
Graduate School of Sports Rehabilitation Science| Administration Team
Graduate School of Theology | Administration Team, Religious Guidance Office,
Center for Lifelong Learning

College of Theology
Department of Theology, Department of Christianity Education

College of Humanities
Department of Korean Language & Literature
Department of English Language & Literature
Division of German Culture
Division of Chinese Culture
Department of Philosophy
Department of Korean History
Department of Religious Culture
Department of Creative Writing
Department of Digital Cultural Contents

College of Social Science
Division of International Relations
Department of Economics
Department of Sociology
Department of International Economies
Division of Advertising, PR & Visual Communication

College of Human Service
Department of Social Welfare
Department of Rehabilitation
Department of Adapted Physical Education

College of Global Cooperation
Division of Global Business
Department of Chinese Studies
Department of Japaness Studies
Department of Special Physical Education
Department of Business Administration
Department of e-Business

College of IT
Department of Mathematics
Department of Applied Statistics
Divison of Computer Engineering
Divison of Information and Telecommunications

Division of Liberal Arts
Teacher Training

Library (Central Library, Janggong Library), Hanshin Newspaper, University Press, Hanshin Broadcasting Station, Community Center, Museum, Training Institute for Secondary Education, Hanshin Archive, International Relations & Education

Hanshin Academy, Research Center for Policy-making in a Democratic Society, Center for Engineering Education & Innovation, Center for Peace & Pubic Values, Center for Local Community Welfare

Office for Industry-Academia Collaboration (Industry-Academia Collaboration Project Team, Center for Business Startup & Childcare, Center for SME Industry-Academia Collaboration)

Industry-academic cooperation Foundation

Center for Regional Development

Center for Lifelong Learning(Osan)

University Specialization Projects Team

Department of Sport Welfare Management
Afterschool Support Center

Center for Peace and Public Integrity

Center for Lifelong Learning(Seoul)