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Scholarships for First-year Students

Scholarship Programs Qualification Amount
Janggong Scholarship for excellent first-year students Level 1 Top-ranked successful applicant in the regular admission procedures for the humanities and natural sciences Admission and tuition fees for four years
Level 2 Second- and third-ranked successful applicants in the regular admission procedures for the humanities and natural sciences Admission and tuition fees for one year
Level 3 Fourth- through seventh-ranked successful applicants in the regular admission procedures for the humanities and natural sciences 2,500,000 won
Manwoo Scholarship for excellent first-year students Level 1 Students recommended by the presidents of the top twelve high schools in terms of graduating the highest number of successful applicants to the University (including rolling and regular admissions) 2,000,000 won
Pilheon Scholarship for excellent first-year students Level 1 Top-ranked successful applicant in each college (department) for the regular admission procedure based on the initial announcement of successful applicants 1,500,000元
Scholarship for Contributors to Korean Democracy and Their Children People contributing to Korean democracy and their children Admission fees and 1,800,000 won for one year
Scholarship for People of National Merit and their Children Students eligible for the wavier of university tuition fees or education benefits as a direct descendant of a person of national merit Admission and tuition fees for four years

Internal Scholarships

Merit Scholarship, Scholarship for Exchange Students, Scholarship for Children of Person of National Merit (including themselves), Patrol Scholarship, Scholarship for Faculty Children, Scholarship for Children of Religious Workers (restricting to the Presbyterian Church), Scholarship for Student from Lower-income Bracket, Scholarship B for Student from Lower-income Bracket, Point Scholarship, Sarang Scholarship, Pin Tree Scholarship, Service Scholarships of Student Government, Club Union, Department, the Press and Seongbin Haksa, along with the Industrial Workers Scholarship, Merit-based Full Tuition Scholarship (Levels A, B, and C), Scholarship for Children of Contributors to Korean Democracy, Excellent First-year Student Scholarship, School (Departmental) Recommendation Scholarship, Student Employment Scholarship, Departmental Student Employment Scholarship, Lab-management Scholarship, and Hanshin Family Scholarship
※ The amounts and qualifications for internal scholarships are subject to change in accordance with the determinations of
      the Scholarship Committee .

External Scholarships

The Fund for Theological Education, Kim Sun-ok Scholarship, Park Sun-deok scholarship, Lee Hae-jin Scholarship, Geumpo Scholarship, Mun Gi-seong Scholarship, Bamboo Shoot Scholarship, Sasanghoe Scholarship, Alumni Association Scholarship, Children of Alumni Scholarship Theological Alumnae Association Scholarship, Korea Research Foundation Scholarship, Deokcheon Scholarship Association Scholarship, In-college Student on PILOT Scholarship, Presbytery Scholarship, Hanshin University Church Scholarship, Onyang Church Scholarship, Suwon Church Scholarship, KB Kookmin Bank Scholarship, Hwasan Scholarship Association Scholarship, Gangje Scholarship, Lee Guk-seon Scholarship, Maum Communication Scholarship, Hanshin Labor Union Scholarship, Park Woo-in Scholarship, Park Bong-rang Scholarship, Jeon Gyeong-yeon Scholarship, Mangye Scholarship, Song Woo-hye and Song Du-gyu Scholarship, Shilla Cultural Scholarship Foundation Scholarship, Adapted Physical Education Scholarship, Mun Dong-hwan Scholarship, Kim Seong-jae Scholarship, Geonggi Church Women’s Association Scholarship, Hope Rural Foundation Scholarship, Miraero Scholarship, Yuhan Scholarship Foundation Scholarship, Samsung Equal Opportunity Scholarship Foundation Scholarship, Gwangju Shinheung Church Scholarship, Scholarship of the Entrance Class of 1986 Christianity Education Alumni, Baekwoon Scholarship Foundation Scholarship, Jeong Chang-su Scholarship, Dongbu Church Scholarship, Sokcho Fire Station Scholarship, Gunpo Beautiful Scholarship Association Scholarship, Memorial Scholarship of Patriotic Martyr Gang Min-ho, Lakeview Church Scholarship, Yang Jeong-shin Scholarship, Seong Suk-jin Scholarship, Lee So-yeon Scholarship, Scholarship of the Scholarship and Cultural Foundation of the Federation of Korean Trade Union Midland Regional Council, Sowoonhoe Scholarship, Cheonghan Scholarship Association Scholarship, Samsong Scholarship Foundation Scholarship, National Church Men’s Association Scholarship, Gwancheon-si Aehyang Scholarship, Jeong In-uk Research and Scholarship Foundation Scholarship, Hwaneun Scholarship, Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation Scholarship, Hong Hwa-suk Scholarship, Lee In-jae Scholarship, Deungdaehoe Scholarship, Chaplaincy Scholarship, Miraewuhak Scholarship Foundation Scholarship, Oh Gil-seung Scholarship, and Scholarship for Helpers of Disabled Students
※ External scholarships are subject to change based on changes by the scholarship funds.

Required Documents for Scholarship Applications and Submission Site

类型 Required Documents/Submission Site
Person of national merit and their children A copy each of the resident registration and the certificate of exemption from university tuition fees or the certificate of educational beneficiary/Student Support Team
Submission is made once upon admission.
Children of faculty/staff A copy each of the resident registration and proof of employment/Student Support Team
Children of religious workers A copy each of the resident registration and proof of religious worker issued by the chairperson of the presbytery/Chaplaincy
Scholarship for lower-income students A copy each of the resident registration the proof of beneficiary of national basic livelihood protection (under the name of the student)/Student Support Team
Sarang Scholarship A copy each of the family relation certification (only when a parent is the disabled) and the certificate of disability/Student Support Team
Children of contributors to Korean democracy A copy each of the resident registration and the recognition of the contributor to the Korean democracy movement/Student Support Team
Industrial Workers Scholarship A copy each of proof of employment and a paystub/Student Support Team
Contact Information Tel. +82-31-379-0043-4, Fax. +82-31-379-0051

Restrictions on Scholarships (The following students are not eligible to apply for scholarships)

Students registering for more than eight semesters. However, the service scholarship is provided until the termination of service and the student employment scholarship is excepted. Students with a GPA below 2.5 for the previous semester
- Children of person of national merit: a GPA below 1.75
- Service Scholarship, Departmental Recommendation Scholarship, Sarang Scholarship, Pine Tree Scholarship and Hanshin
    Family Scholarship: a GPA below 2.0 Students enrolled in less than 15 credits in the previous semester (for senior
    students, less than twelve credits)
The first and second levels of Janggong Scholarship: a GPA below 3.5
Cases where the scholarship committee places restrictions on scholarships.