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Dormitory(Sungbin Haksa) provides community spirit of the junior-senior relationship in the frame of autonomy. It offers satisfactory accommodation and convenience with reasonable maintenance cost and a cafeteria operated by the resident committee. Each room is equipped with LAN, which makes it possible to search for necessary data.

Capacity Residence Hall 1
Residence Hall 2
Male (231) Female (231)
Male (210) Female (210)
11,157 m2 (Residence Hall 1: 5289 m2, Residence Hall 2: 5868 m2)
Eligibility must not have a chronical disease or an infectious disease - must not have any problem with a communal life - must have consultation in case of a severely disabled person
Documents -1 application form (a prescribed form through Web)
- 1 copy of the resident registration(within 3 months after issue)
- 1 photo (3x4cm)(submitted only for a successful applicant)
- 1 medical report (submitted only for a successful applicant: TB test)
Application Period - posted on the university and dormitory Web site
- returnees, transfer students, graduate students should apply during the period of returning
Assignment Priority - freshmen, returnees, transfer students: order of distance (returnees get penalty points)
- enrolled students: distance + grade = bonus points - penalty points
Welfare Facilities - fitness center, computer room, laundry room, table tennis room, reading room, snack bar,
  prayer room, seminar room
Further Information +82-31-379-0172~4

Dormitories Application

Passport No.
  • * Please TYPE or PRINT clearly in Korean or English.
  • * All applicants should provide correct contact number and current address in case of an emergency.
       In case of incorrect information, you should take all the responsibility.