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Specific Progress Plans

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  1. 1 Enhancing the education satisfaction rate

    1. Educational guideline lecture on the attendance period (six terms) outside of the period required to complete majors.
      • - Operation of ‘professor forums’ in order to find the ideal educators
      • - Operation of ‘professor forums’ in order to restructure and plan general studies curricula
      • - Operation of ‘professor forums’ in order to provide a basis for the vitalization of multiple majors
    2. Strengthening education of basic career skills and introduction of its certification
      • - Foreign languages
      • - Communication
      • - Field training
    3. Strengthening voluntary community service programs and introduction of its certification
      • - Domestic introduction
      • - Overseas voluntary schemes
    4. Introduction of Freshman Seminars
  2. 2 Establishing university characterization

    1. Establishment of infrastructural support for bottom-up characterization (on the department level)
      • - Support for major degree certification in order to enhance educational capacity
      • - Support for departmental efforts to change in order to enhance educational capacity
    2. Promotion of top-down characterization (on the university headquarters level)
      • - Tentatively named Regional Social Development Center (regional topic)
      • - Tentatively named Social Solidarity Practice Center (national topic)
      • - Establishment of affiliated educational institutions as necessary
    3. Competing to win the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development contract for university characterization support
  3. 3 Improving campus conditions

    1. Turning the campus into a park (I), (II)
    2. Creating a publicizing campus
    3. Creating a clean campus
    4. Creating a campus where students want to stay around and study
    5. Creating an open campus
    6. Creating a university city
    7. Reforming commuting systems
    8. Maintenance of transport guidance system
    9. Establishment of master plan to promote above items
  4. 4 Enhancing the university image

    1. New establishment of the publicity concept: "realization of practical intellect"
    2. Reinforcing publicity exercises
      • - Expansion of external media advertisements (subway, radio, etc.)
      • - Reinforcement of PR activities aimed at university members, high school students and the regional society (including Internet PR)
      • - Securing organizational structure and budgets, and maintenance of publicity systems such as the user interface
  5. 5 Establishing a drive engine

    1. Legal reinforcement of publicizing the review under the policy of university information publishing
    2. Systemic establishment of self-evaluation information
      • - Establishment of student database and management achievement database
      • - Establishment of reserve system for investigations and statistical operations
    3. Strengthening the consideration of capability in hiring new academic staff
    4. Seeking the diversification of professorial career-tracks
    5. Pursuing the policy of further developing the faculty’s professional career
    6. Vitalizing intra-campus communication
      • - Establishment of a regular meeting of all professors and setting an appropriate time period for vitalizing communication
      • - Installing recess and convenience facilities for teaching staff, general staff and students
      • - Support for vitalization of voluntary small meetings on the departmental level
    7. Reform of financial structure