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Realizing practical intellect together
We nurture intellectual connoisseurs of culture, worldly neighbors, and practical intellects with an aptitude for challenges
through university characterization and the internal fortification of undergraduate education.
How will we promote the direction of development needed to realize the Hanshin Vision 2020?
  1. 1 Enhancing the education satisfaction rate.

    Our first aim is putting the improvement of student satisfaction as the top priority, vitalizing general studies subjects and student tutoring that are not given as much attention from full-time faculty, and establishing a university resources guideline to guide the education of students.
  2. 2 Establishing university characterization

    Our second aim is to promote a dual university brand awareness plan combining the bottom-up method led by departments and supported by the main university faculty and the top-down method led by the main faculty and supported by the subject area, in order to raise the brand competitiveness and to build upon the social reputation of the university.
  3. 3 Improving campus conditions

    Our third aim is to improve conditions on the campus and to establish a medium- to long-term plan to make it into an area where university members can meet and communicate with outsiders.
  4. 4 Enhancing the university image

    Setting a new publicity concept that promotes the university’s brand value and caters for the needs of prospective students and establishing an active publicity campaign towards the external public in connection to university characterization.
  5. 5 Establishing a drive engine

    By leading university members to participate dynamically after the establishment of mutual trust through the sharing of understanding and freely communicating, and strengthening the operational capacity of each university member based on their personal advantages that allow them to respond to the rapidly changing university environment.