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Ideas, Aims and Goals

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Hanshin University aims to pursue truth, embody freedom, and practice love on the basis of the Christian spirit.


Academic objectives: Cherishing the spirit of Christianity.



  1. 1. Develop new theories by learning and evaluating academic accomplishments
  2. 2. Present newly-developed theories
  3. 3. Promote exchanges among research areas
  4. 4. Engage in academic exchanges with other institutes (in S. Korea and abroad) to further information sharing
  5. 5. Actively engage in developing and improving the local community while supporting diverse cultures


  1. 1. Encourage students to learn, acquire, and evaluate expert knowledge in their respective fields
  2. 2. Encourage students to acquire extensive knowledge across fields to develop balanced perspectives
  3. 3. Cultivate skilled professionals who will contribute strongly to social and global development
  4. 4. Build healthy and positive values, envisioning freedom
  5. 5. Cultivate students of faith, courage, and wisdom to embody a spirit of love


  1. 1. Develop and operate programs that apply the research results from our respective fields
  2. 2. Introduce re-training programs for working professionals
  3. 3. Develop social volunteering programs utilizing expert knowledge
  4. 4. Widen our academic scope via faculty exchange programs or student exchanges with overseas institutes
  5. 5. Develop programs that put social justice into action