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Ever since its foundation on April 19, 1940, Hanshin University has always been alert to social missions of academic freedom, the freedom of conscience, human rights, democratization, national independence, peaceful reunion of the nation, and the responsibility to the world issues.

Based on Christianity, Hanshin University supports the foundational philosophy of truth, freedom, and love. Celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2020, Hanshin University is growing into a university that embraces the region, the nation, and the world.

As an ivory tower of study and research and as an educational institute that helps students plan and prepare for their future, Hanshin University puts its effort to make students’ dreams develop and eventually come true.

The education at Hanshin University is different in that we do not come short of simply delivering information and knowledge but we go further aiming to nurture intellectuals in action who would practice philanthropy based on the respect and sincerity to humanity. At Hanshin University, we do not teach students to step on others for selfish success but we teach students to live together based on respect and consideration for others.

Hanshin University supports your dreams.


Acting President Jun-kee Beak