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1. <Prohibition of Dual Application>
In accordance with law, overseas Koreans and foreign students who receive admission are not allowed to apply to other universities or to other departments within Hanshin University. (If an applicant is accepted by more than one university in South Korea, he or she may register at only one university. If the student registered at two or more universities at the same time, all admissions will be revoked.)

2. A certificate of entry/exit record must contain an applicant’s entire record of entry into and departure from South Korea. If an
   applicant is found to submit false information or if facts concerning entry and exit cannot be verified due to the use of dual
   passports, he or she may be disadvantaged or admission may be revoked.

3. A certificate of expected graduation should be supplemented by a graduation certificate prior to enrollment. If a student fails
   to graduate from high school in the current year or does not submit a certificate of graduation from high school, admission
   may be revoked.

4. All documents and records submitted in applications may not be photocopied or returned.
* The original copy of a graduation certificate and family registry (Chinese applicants only) will be returned to the applicant as
   soon as the process of college admission screening is completed.

5. If an applicant is found to be unqualified or to have applied using unlawful means such as submission of false, forged,
   altered or counterfeited documents, he or she will be rejected and the application fee will not be returned. Admission will be
   immediately cancelled, even mid-semester, of any applicant who is accepted as a result of unlawful means.

6. If no documents are available related to elementary, middle and/or high school graduation owing to natural disasters or
   wars, an applicant may be recognized as a graduate by attaching certificates confirmed by an education official from the
   South Korean Embassy in the home country.

7. The information in the admission application will be confirmed through inquiry into application documents (academic
   records and financial documentation, etc.).

8. The information in application forms submitted to the Admission Office may not be altered. Previously submitted documents
   and application fees will not be returned to applicants.

9. Applicants are responsible for any consequences resulting from omissions, mistakes or errors in eligibility confirmation or
   an application forms.

10. Applicants must submit accurate contact information (home address, telephone number, and e-mail address) in the
   application form during the application process. The applicant is responsible for any consequences resulting from incorrect
   contract information.

11. Admission may be revoked, even mid-semester, if an applicant is not fully cooperative with the university’s inquires of
   applicants’ academic records.

12. Other details not stipulated in the application guidelines will be determined by the Special Admissions Assessment
   Committee for Foreign Student at Hanshin University.

13. There will be no students selected, regardless of the admission target set by Hanshin University, if applicants are judged
   to have insufficient academic preparation for higher education.