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Required documents for first-year or transfer students

Documents Note
1. Three copies of full application forms
   (Application for Admission, Personal
   Statements, and Statement of Purpose)
  • Forms provided by Hanshin University
  • Application form Download
- Application for Admission
- Personal Statements
- Statement of Purpose
- Letter of Agreement Regarding a Scholarship Inquiry
- Letter of Financial Support
2. Written consent for inquiry into enrollment
   and academic credits
This form provided by Hanshin University
3. One copy of each of official transcripts of
   academic records and graduation
   certificates (or certificate of expected
   graduation) for entire education from
   elementary, middle to high schools (a total
   of twelve years)
- Only for international students intending to complete the entire
   educational course
- Notarized in the corresponding country
4. High school graduation certificate (certificate of expected graduation) and official high school transcripts - Only for international students intending to complete the educational
- Notarized in the corresponding country
- Chinese applicants must submit an additional document, a High
   School Certificate issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education.
5. Certificate of entry/exit record - Only for the international applicants already residing in South Korea
- Issued by an immigration office of the Korean Ministry of Justice
  (issued within one month of date of submission)
6. Photocopy of passport information page
7. Certificate of family registry, or birth
   certificate issued by home government
- Notarized in the corresponding country
- Family census register in case of Chinese applicants
- Chinese applicants must submit an additional document, Notarized
  Certificate of Family Relationship (親族關係公證).
- Applicants must submit certificates to verify his or her parents’
  divorce or death if the parents are dead or divorced.
8. Copy of Alien Registration Card Only for international applicants currently residing in South Korea (photocopies of front and back sides of the card)
9. Copies of proof of citizenship of the
   applicant and his or her parents
Copy of national ID card (居民證) in the case of Chinese applicants
10. Documentation of deposit balance
   showing a minimum balance of US$10,000
   (maintained for at least one month)
- The account should be in the name of the applicant or financial
- The minimum balance must have been deposited at least one month prior to the date of submission.
- Ex) If the certificate of deposit balance were issued on December 1, 2009, the money must have been deposited prior to November 1, 2009.
- The certificate can be replaced with a certificate of remittance to South Korea or a certificate of foreign currency exchange corresponding to US$10,000 or more.
- Notarized in the corresponding country if issued overseas
11. Letter of financial support - Form provided by Hansin University (signed by a financial sponsor)
- A certificate of good character from a Korean citizen must be
  notarized and submitted if the financial sponsor is not a direct
  relationof the applicant.
12. Proof of employment or business
   registration of the financial sponsor
- Notarized in the corresponding country if issued overseas
- Can be replaced by an income verification statement (including a certificate of tax payment).
13. Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)
   score or certificates
- If available

Additional documents required for transfer students

Required Documents Note
1. Original copy of official transcript of
   academic records from the college or
   university most recently attended
- Academic transcripts in English issued by college or university most
  recently attended
- Notarized in English if official transcripts are unavailable in English
2. Original graduation certification (or
   certificate of expected graduation) from the
   college or university most recently attended
  • Notarized in the corresponding country
  • Chinese applicants must submit an additional document, a verification of degree certificate issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education.
※ Issuing Institutions
- Confucius Institute in Seoul (http://www.cis.or.kr)
- Chinese Higher Education Student Information Center of the Chinese
  Ministry of Education (http://www.chsi.com.cn)

(1) All documents issued in a language other than Korean or English must be accompanied by a notarized Korean or English

(2) All application documents must be originals, unless otherwise noted. Should originals be unavailable, copies must be
  certified by issuing institutions or the Korean Embassy or consulate in the country to indicate a true copy of the original.
  Otherwise, both the original and the copy of the documents must be submitted to and confirmed by the Office of Admissions.
  The original will be returned to the applicant upon confirmation (recognition of Apostille certificate will be also regarded as
  equivalent to the original).

(3) If your name is different on submitted application documents, please include a certificate issued by the court or officials in
  the corresponding country proving that both names refer to the applicant.

(4) Chinese applicants must submit a high school graduation certificate printed out through the websites of the Confucius
  Institute in Seoul (http://www.cis.or.kr/) or the China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center
  (http://www.cdgdc.edu.cn/) in place of a notarized high school graduate certificate.

※ If Chinese applicants submit notarized documents related to their educational background and/or academic records which
  have not been issued by the accreditation institutions (Confucius Institute in Seoul or organizations affiliated to the Chinese
  Ministry of Education) owing to circumstances beyond their control, they must later submit appropriate certificates issued by
  the accreditation institutions mentioned above. Admission may be revoked if the submitted educational certificates are later
  found to be discrepant with admissions criteria.

(5) Supplemental documents may be individually required as necessary.