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Love your Hanshin University, Intelligence in Action

In 2010, Hanshin celebrates its 70th anniversary. Even amidst the deep quagmires and bends of history, Hanshin has been always initiative to awaken people in their hope with its spirit of intelligence in action. Starting from a college of theology in 1940, Hanshin has broadens its mission as a higher education institute to celebrate its 30th anniversary as a university with a variety of disciplines in 2010.

Hanshin has long contributed to better Korean society and the world by raising and sending to the world visionaries and intellectuals of academic depth, and Hanshinians have been powerful citizens to serve, practice, and expand progressive values, justice, peace, and democracy. With its 70-year-long efforts to better the world, Hanshin’s every step to make a better future have made Hanshinians proud.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Hanshin is launching new programs to further its proud traditions and thereby opening a new chapter in its history. To this end, supports both from all of Hanshinians including our alumni, the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea, Hanshian’s families, and from all of Hanshin’s current members are all the more important than ever. Your support for Hanshin will contribute to Hanshin’s another history of the coming 70 year. With your support, we will further practice the spirit of Hanshin in this global world by committing to cultivate intelligence in action and to raise global citizens to better local and global societies with the Church and Korean people.

The elder Dae-Hyng Kim and the pastor Jae-Jun Kim, two of the pioneers of Hanshin, emphasized “이소성대” (以所成大, achieving greatness through a small start), when they found Hanshin. Seventy years ago, Hanshin may have had a modest beginning, but it has achieved a great “miracle”, developing itself and contributing to better Korean society over the past 70 years. It is our sincerest hope that, based on the philosophy of 이소성대, you will share our spirit of Hanshin by helping Hanshin to achieve a greater miracle in the coming 70 years in local and global world. President of Hanshin University, Chai Soo-il

Soo-il Chai, President