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The Center for Lifelong Learning serves as a venue where local residents and civic groups learn something special: leading a healthy and meaningful life, living in harmony with others, and preserving and cherishing nature and all living things.

Widely opening its door to the local community and civic society, the Center designs and operates diverse civic educational programs for local dwellers, thus creating a space where learning, communication, introspection and practice all take place.

(Seoul)Center for Lifelong Learning
Homepage http://lifelong.hs.ac.kr
Phone +82-2-2125-0127~9
FAX +82-2-904-0130
E-mail lifelong@hs.ac.kr
(Osan)Center for Lifelong Learning
Homepage http://dept.hs.ac.kr/life/
Phone +82-31-379-0191~2
FAX +82-31-379-0193
E-mail life@hs.ac.kr