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Korean Language Course Goals & Overview

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Korean Language Course Goals & Overview

1. Target Audience : International students whose first language is not Korean

2. Course Goals
  • - International students' adaption of Korean life style Korean helpers programs, Korean culture experience programs
  • - Understand Korean culture and society through various Korean culture experience program
  • - Accomplish TOPIK Level 4 through thorough Korean language learning system
  • - Improve academic ability to apply at undergraduate levels

Korean Language Course Description

1. Classes are divided into three levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced. The course is specifically divided into six courses.

2. Korean language learning according to the students' levels
  • - Applicants take the level test at the beginning of the semester, and based on the results, they are assigned to appropriate classes.

3. Level tests consist of written and interview and these tests assign students to appropriate levels.
  • - Those students who have never taken Korean language courses before are automatically assigned to the beginners' levels.

4. Main emphasis of teaching the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing is considered to enhance the proficiency of TOPIK.

5. Utilization of various educational technology to improve learning efficiency Use audio-visual materials & various learning resources
(pictures, images, news, newspaper articles, cards) for applicants to effectively learn Korean vocabulary and expressions used in everyday life in Korea

6. Provide opportunities to learn Korean outside of classroom Adaptation training
 (1) Korean culture experience & learning experience
  • - To understand Korean culture through versatile cultural programs outside of classroom
  • - To motivate interests in Korean Language learning
 (2) Korean helper programs
  • - To interact with Korean students through Korean language and culture to enhance their adjustment in Korean life