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Our Department of Theology under the Division of Theology has preserved the long-standing tradition of Hanshin University that began as Korea’s first certified thelogical university. It focuses on training future pastors of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea, providing an extensive curriculum that includes biblical theology, historical theology, theoretical theology, and practical theology for students who aim to study theology as an academic discipline.
The foundation of the Department of Theology was laid by Pastor Song Chang-geun, Elder Kim Dae-hyun, and Pastor Kim Jae-jun. Our Department has produced some of most renowned church leaders and activists who have left their indelible marks on the course of Korea’s modern history with the leading examples being Jang Jun-ha, an independent activist, and Pastor Moon Ik-hwan, a revered pro-unification activist. The tradition is still alive in the Department of Theology. We continue to devote ourselves to develop progressive and practical students pursuing peace and justice, and committed to overhauling our society and history in accordance with Christian learning.
Theology is a discipline that serves church and the world. Given that, our Department has conducted spiritual training designed to produce church leaders with integrity and maturity while collaborating with a variety of overseas universities (Division of Theology at Humboldt University of Berlin, Hamburg University’s Missionary Academy, Division of Theology at Sao Paulo Metodista University, and McCormick Theological Seminary) to strengthen the position of Korean theology. Through these efforts, our Department is making every possible effort to sustain ecumenism.

Academic Goals

The Department of Theology aims to nurture students who are committed to grasping the truth of the Biblical Revelation, pursuing the principle and free spirit of the reformed theology, eradicating injustice and violence from human history that is the mission field of God, and building a righteous and peaceful world.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

1) Each of Student’s Academic Associations aims to enable member students to obtain academic skills and knowledge research through their passion for and research of study subjects.
2) There are six associations respectively studying the Old Testament, the New Testament, Liberal Theology, Missionary Theology, and Cultural Theology. In addition, Stigma, the students’ music club, is also recognized as an association.

Career Opportunities

Students who want to be ordained as a pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Republic of Korea can either study at our Graduate Theological Seminary to complete the two-year (four-semester) course for the Master of Divinity degree, or at the Graduate School of Liberal Arts for the Master of Theology degree before going through the internship program and taking the exam of the Pastoral Ordination Candidacy Qualification conducted by the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea. Those who want to continue the study of Theology can also enter the graduate schools of Hanshin University as practicing theological knowledge and belief in the living fields other than pastoral services is also equivalent to participating in the mission of God.


Chapel Introduction to the Old Testament
Greek Bible I Theology of the New Testament
Training for Faith Ⅰ~Ⅳ Introduction of Church History
History of Israel and culture Theology of the Book of Deutronomy
Church of Ministry ServiceⅠ~Ⅳ Introduction to Theology
A Theology of Gospels Life and Theology of Paul
Field WorkⅠ~Ⅳ Introduction to the Mission Theology
Methodology of Old Testament Studies History of Inter-Testamental Times
Introduction to the N.T Methodology of New Testament Study
The Study of Pastoral Letters Introduction to Theology
Introduction to the (Practical) Ministry English Reading in Theology Ⅰ,Ⅱ
Study of Religion Subject Material & Method of Orientation Elementary HebrewⅠ,Ⅱ
Introduction of Ethics Theological Anthropology
Theory of Religion Subject Teaching N.T.Greek Ⅰ,Ⅱ
Introduction to Feminist Theology Minjung Movement & Church History in Korea
History of Religion Theological EnglishⅠ,Ⅱ
Introduction of Pastoral care and Counseling Philosophy of Religion
Reading of Theological Deutsch Theology of Isaiah
Homiletical & Communication The Theology Religion Education
Reading Theplogy in German Theology of the Book of jeremiah
Study and trend of Contemporary Practice Theology Religion and Science
Church Music A Study of Luke and Acts
Feminism and Religion Contemporary Theology
Christology Pauline Theology
Introduction to Religion Ecumenical Movement and Theology
Theology of Culture History of the Korean Church Dispute
Sociology of Religion Hebrew Text Reading
MinJung Theology Old Testament Theology
Religious Psychology Pneumatology
Calvin's Theology History of the Korean Church
The Journey of the Relics of Korean Christian History Moedern Church History
History of the Asian Churches Religion and Ideology
Popular Culture and Christianity The Ethics of Peace
Ecumenical Social Ethics Situation Ethics
Environmental Ethics Liturgy and Homiletics
Formation and Renewal of Church Community Theology of Prayer
Modern Missiology Bible and Mission
Christian Diakonia