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Archive management refers to the discipline that enables students to develop, by studying the theory and practice of archive management, the executive ability to manage archives at agencies at diverse levels and conduct independent research in the field.

Academic Goals

Our Graduate School focuses on the objective of training archivists able to scientifically manage the records produced by public institutions at different levels, enterprises, and organizations, as well as professional researchers who study archiving.


Introduction to Archival Science Researching Methodology in Archival Science
History of Archival Management Korean History of Archival Management
Archival System of Foreign Countries Archival System of Korea
Local Archives and Local History Local Archives and Local History
Classification and Description of Archives Appraisal of Archives
Reference Service in Archives Management of Archives
Studies in Laws of Archival Management Administrative Information System
Administrative Organization Studies on Electronic Government
Conservation Techniques of Archives Introduction to Database
System on Records and Archive Management Management of Special Records
Oral History and Archives Management of Electronic Records
Studies in Records of Pre-modern Korea Reading Paleography
Studies in Records of Modern Korea Seminar in Archival Science
Topics in Archival Management Reading Selected Articles in Archival Management
Studies on Advanced Management of Archives Archival Management Practice