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Cultivate experts on international and domestic politics in the rapidly changing Korean and overseas environments. Produce professional researchers able to diagnose a wide range of problems in capitalist industrial society, including Korean society, and suggest political and socioeconomic alternatives.


The Methodology of Social Science The Modern Society and Political Thoughts
The Capitalist Society Theory Civil Society and State
Neo Liberalism and The Social Movements Social Polarization and Political Theory
The Political Theory of Transition The Politics of Social Welfare
State and Social Classes The Debate of Globalization and State Theory
The Analysis of The Modern Korea State and Publicity
Elections and Party System The Study of Neo Liberalistic Globalization
East Asia and The Relations of Two Koreas State and The Social Revolution
Theories on Democracy Int'l Political Economy
The Theories and Histories on Int'l Relations Political Philosophy
Int'l Organizations and Int'l Solidarity Int'l Laws
The Political Theories of Korean Peninsular Peace Studies