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Adapted physical education refers to the discipline that serves the physically, mentally, and socially challenged; the elderly; children; and those who experience difficulty in adapting to society. Meaning can be found in the fact that these people will develop the physical strength required to carry on with their lives and satisfy their needs for self-expression and physical activity, thus leading to increased social and emotional stability while the rehabilitation or stimulation of their physical motor functions enables them to grow more independent. Our Graduate School provides not only specialized physical education for the disabled, but adapted PE as well by modifying rules and methodologies in order to expand the participant base and include a greater number of people in traditional PE programs. Its aim is to offer physical education to the disabled which increases the likelihood of rehabilitation, provides opportunities for participation, strengthens solidarity with the non-disabled, and improves the motor functions of the disabled.

Academic Goals

With an aim to nurture skilled leaders able to take the lead in physical education and thus contribute to the development of the nation and society, our Graduate School has placed its top priority on upgrading the quality of those athletes of today engaged in the world of sports with pride as the frontrunners in their field, as well as those of the future who will take charge of the future world of sports
We are working to lay a foundation as a practical discipline in order to conduct multidisciplinary research and increase added value through integration with neighboring disciplines.


Theory of Special Physical Education Health Education for Exceptional Person
Studies in Physical Education Program for the Children Studies in Physical Education Program for the Handicapped
Physical Education Program for the Aging Therapeutic Education Theory
Research Method in Physical Education Statistic in Physical Education
Exercise Physiology Sport Sociology
Methodology of Training Sport Psychology
Exercise Prescription Studies in Sport Rehabilitation
Biomechanics Seminar in History of Physical Education
Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education Nutrition in Exercise and Sport
Sport Management and Administration Sport Medicine
Sport Pedagogy