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The Graduate School of Computer Engineering aims to produce experts equipped to play an active and central role in our ever-changing information society by ensuring profound expertise and technical training in the computer industry. In addition, it places a careful focus on developing the fundamental abilities and knowledge necessary for students to become conscionable scientific technicians.

Academic Goals

In order to nurture human capital able to play a critical role in the development of the information society through a profound understanding of computer and information technology theories and effective hands-on lab training, our Graduate School has established the following educational objectives:

1>Comprehensive knowledge of math, science, and computer engineering
2)Expertise in computer engineering and adaptive workplace skills
3)Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities
4)Ethics and responsibility based on upright core values
5)Globalized professionals able to seek out multidisciplinary approaches in an information society


Topics in Multimedia Digital and Data Communications
Mobile Communication Advanced Internet Programming
Web based Client/Server Technology Advanced Internet Protocol
Advanced Database System Database Design
Object -Oriented Database System Distributed Database
data/information processing Seminar in Operating System
Advanced Compiler Decision Making Support System
web Database Software Development Tools
Advanced Software Engineering Object-Oriented Software Design
Advanced Computer Graphics Advanced Image Processing
Computer Vision Topics in Fuzzy System
Topics in Statistical Computation and Methodology Data Mining
Advanced Computer Architecture Analysis of Algorithm
Advanced Theory of Computation Parallel Processing System
Advanced Microprocessor TCP/IP Internet
Probability and Stochastic Process Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Pattern Recognition Knowledge Engineering
Knowledge Engineering Advanced Information Security
Advanced Game Programming Special Topics in Network Security
Advanced Internet Security Special Topics in Hacking and Computer Virus
Computer and Information Science Seminar Ⅰ&Ⅱ