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The cultural content industry is emerging as the most promising industry in the contemporary world, as well as a focal point for national competitiveness. In particular, taking into account the active cultural and industrial exchanges occurring between Korea and China, the immense market potential of China and the burgeoning worldwide interest in China and its culture, the prospects for China-related cultural content are clearly the brightest in the industry. The Graduate School of Chinese Culture and Content explores Chinese literature and culture while at the same time seeks to provide education centered on the Korea-China cultural content that is driving the Korean wave in China. In order to produce the talent required to meet the needs of the times and social demands, our program is delivered by distinguished faculty members who have obtained doctoral degrees from the most prestigious universities in China.

Academic Goals

century. In response, our Graduate School aims to lay an academic foundation in the humanities related to Chinese cultural content, which is regarded as a rising academic discipline, conduct research and development on an array of sources and content related to Chinese culture, and nurture talented professionals who can take the lead in China-related sectors of the cultural industry.


Cultural Anthropology Content Development about Chinese Character
One source Development in Chinese Poem Storytelling about Chinese Prose
Storytelling about Chinese Novel The Chinese Masterpiece and Scenario Writing
Cultural Contents in Korean Wave & Chinese Wave Estern Archetype and Well-being Content
Chinese Gallantry & Contents Industries A Survey of Chinese Web Contents Industries
A Survey of Chinese Mobile Contents Industries Planning of Chinese Education Content
Analysis of Chinese Culture Contents Trend One source Development in The East Thought
Chinese Religion and Cultural Contents Culture Industry Policy In China
Analysis & Planning of Chinese Killer Contents Chinese Film Festival and Film Content Analysis
Content Development about Chinese Food Culture Planning & Publishing about the Chinese Culture
Planning of Chinese Cultural geography Content Chinese Art for Contents Industries
Chinese Music for Contents Industries A Survey of Chinese Game Contents Industries
One source Development in Chinese Ethnic Minority One source Development in Chinese sex culture
Planning of Chinese Theme Tour Content(I) Planning of Chinese Theme Tour Content(II)
Field Trip of Chinese & Content Development(I) Field Trip of Chinese & Content Development(II)