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Religion is central to human culture and provides a foundation for establishing lifestyles and values. Religion and culture refers to a discipline that not only develops the ability to understand human beings in a novel and comprehensive fashion, but also grasps the essential meaning of culture and thus enjoys it. Researching the complexity of religion and culture in an objective and fair manner as it combines different religions and religious phenomena, our Graduate School is open to diverse backgrounds, no matter what religion or whether the candidate believes at all. We seek to make use of a wide range of approaches in a comprehensive manner, such as comparative analysis or methods from historical research, phenomenology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and psychology. In addition, we help students develop the ability to analyze and evaluate diverse religious phenomena and problems, thus contributing to creating more a desirable human life and culture.

Academic Goals

Our Graduate School features unique curriculums designed to focus on the accommodation of global trends in religious circles, contemplation of religions from around the world’s diverse cultural blocks, and analysis of the complex issues of today permeating religion, society and culture. After completing one of the courses in our Graduate School, students emerge well equipped to enter a PhD program in relevant majors and pursue a career path as a professional researcher. On the other hand, they are able to exercise their expertise in diverse fields where the demand for religious experts is surging, including journalism, education, and culture.


Studies in Scripture Studies in Mythology
Seminar in Religious Ritual Seminar in History of World Religions
Studies in Christianity Studies in Buddhism
Studies in Confucianism and Taoism Studies in Islam
Studies in Religions of India Studies in History of Korean Religions
Special Topics in Korean Religions Field Research of Religious Heritage & Studies of Cultural Properties
Seminar in Methodological Issues of Religious Studies Seminar in Comparative Study of Religion
Seminar in Comparative Study of Religion Seminar in Philosophy of Religion
Studies in Mysticism Seminar in Psychology of Religion
Seminar in Religion and Politics Seminar in Religion and Economy
Seminar in Religion and Gender Seminar in Religion and Culture
Seminar in Religion and Ethics Seminar in Religion and Art
Studies in New Religious Movement Seminar in Contemporary Religions
Studies in Religious Movements Religious Studies and Cultural Criticism
Studies in Ecology of Religion Iconography of Religion & Symbolism
of Religion & Area Studies