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The Graduate School of Rehabilitation was established with the purpose of fostering specialists able to take a leading role in conducting systematic academic research, devising effective policies and providing related programs and services in response to the recently growing interest in and demand in Korean society for rehabilitation and treatment for the disabled.

Academic Goals

The Graduate School of Rehabilitation is divided into twin majors: disability policy and services, and play therapy and counseling. Its program concentrates on nurturing experts able to demonstrate competence in the workplace in each respective field. In addition, the PhD program consists of two majors: disability policy and services, and developmental psychology and developmental psychopathology, which are each designed to cultivate highly qualified professionals taking leading roles in diverse areas such as policy, programs and services, research and education.

Specialized in-service education mainly designed for existing practitioners and equivalent to a master degree course results in producing professional and high-level workers on-site, which contributes to improving the quality of rehabilitation services and psychotherapy in Korea. The objective of this course is to realize a society in which the disabled, a neglected class within Korea, are assured of full participation and equality and can sustain daily life under the same conditions and environment as the non-disabled. In addition, highly skilled specialists with PhD degrees are expected to elevate standards and quality across relevant academic fields by taking the forefront in policies related to the disabled, programs and services, research on approaches to psychotherapy, and education. Ultimately, they will contribute to addressing issues related to the disabled.


Rehabilitation Research Method Advanced Research Method
Principle and Practice of Assistive Technology Emotion and Cognition
Individual Research Study Topics in Vocational Rehabilitation
Advanced Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Advanced Vocational Evaluation
Advanced Work Adjustment Training Advanced Job Placement
Vocational Rehabilitation Program for People with Severe Disabilities Policy for the Disabled
Advanced Vocational Rehabilitation Method Vocational Rehabilitation Seminar
Disability Related Laws & Labor Laws Disability Policy and System
Independent Living Seminar Assistive Technology Seminar
Analysis of Function & Behavior in Disabilities Accommodation for People with Disabilities
Medical Aspect of Disability Disability Service
Vocational Rehabilitation Practise Seminar in Play Therapy
Clinical Training and Supervision of Play Therapy Advanced Developmental Psychology
Advanced Developmental Psychopatholgy Seminar in Neuropsychology
Advanced Psychological Assesment and Diagnosis Seminar in Diagnosis and Intervention of Developmental Disabilities
Seminar in Infant and Child psychotherapy Advanced Clinical Psychology
Practicum in Child Psychiatric Clinic Seminar in Psychoanalysis
Seminar in Group Psychotherapy and Counseling Advanced Cognitive Psychology
Advanced Statistics in Psychology Advanced Learning Psychology
Seminar in Parent Counseling and Education Seminar in Infant Mental Health
Advanced Personality Psychology Qualitative Research Methods in Developmental Psychology
Attachment and Psychopathology Emotion and Cognition