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Among the liberal, intellectual disciplines, philosophy is the one that raises introspective questions regarding the most important and fundamental issues confronted in life and then out answers. This is why an individual who constantly doubts and explores issues regarding human beings, history, and the world is destined to be philosophical. Since philosophy at Hanshin University has its roots in freedom, the discipline is not only rich but also pluralistic and progressive.

A balanced curriculum encompassing both eastern and western philosophies and Korean ideas allows students to take advantage of a comprehensive learning opportunity and encounter a variety of philosophical schools, principles and arguments with an open and critical mind.

Academic Goals

Through a pluralistic approach that does not adhere to one particular thinking system or philosopher, from either the East or West, and by learning diverse ideas and theories in a critical and open manner, students are encouraged to make contributions to the development of philosophy in a creative fashion and serve as a vanguard in establishing a rational society.


Seminar in Aesthetics Seminar in Epistemology
Seminar in Ethics Seminar in Philosophy of History
Seminar in Metaphysics and Ontology Seminar in Philosophy of Language
Contemporary Anglo- American Philosophy Seminar in Philosophy of Mind
Seminar in Dialectics Seminar in Hermeneutics
Seminar in Philosophy of Culture Contemporary French Philosophy
Theory of World View Seminar in Intentionality
Freud and Lacan Marxist Philosophy
Studies in Plato Studies in Aristotle
Studies in Rousseau Studies in Kant
Studies in Hegel Studies in Heidegger
Studies in Wittgenstein Studies in Habermas
Studies in Rawls Colloquium in Confucianism
Colloquium in Taoism Colloquium in Korean Philosophy
Methodology in Oriental Philosophy Seminar in Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu
Seminar in Hsun-tzu Seminar in Proto-Confucianism
Seminar in Chinese logic Seminar in Neo-Confucianism
Seminar in Chinese Buddhism Seminar in Modern Korean Philosophy
Seminar in Contemporary Chinese Philosophy