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By helping to develop insight into the world in which missionary works take place, the Graduate School of Christian Education, on the basis of both theology and education, strives to cultivate teaching ministers aware of peace, human rights and ecology in a holistic manner as means of confronting the real-world problems that threaten the creation order of God. The Graduate School is divided four majors: theology of education, philosophy of Christian education, lifelong Christian education, and church education. Students are allowed to select one of these majors in their second semester after admission. Since 2011, a course for training lifelong educators has been established within the curriculum of the Graduate School. Students who complete 15 credits during the graduate course are able to obtain a certificate as a 2nd grade lifelong educator.

Academic Goals

Our Graduate School aims to train education experts at the vanguard of the practice of the mission of God in the world, based on ecumenical theology.


Peace education of P. Freire Introduction to Lifelong Education
Introduction to Lifelong Education Lifelong Education Methodology
Marxism and Education Christian Education in a Multicultural Society
Arbeit and Education-Ecological Illumination Dong-Hak Thought and Christian Ecological Education
Seminar on Philosophical Foundation of Christian Education Christian Education and natural Philosophy
Seminar on Minjung Education Ecological Christian Education - Theory and Practice
Study on J. A. Comenius Interpretation of The Scripture in Ecological Perspective
Seminar on the Methodology of Bible Study in Christian Education Seminar on the History of Christian Education
Revolution of God and Christian Education Christian Education with the Hebrew Bible
Seminar on Christian Education for Peace Seminar on the Psychology of Human Development and the Quest for Meaning
Seminar on Methodology of Christian Education Seminar on Psychology of Religious Education
Seminar on Christian Education Curriculum Seminar on Educational Ministry
Seminar on Spiritual Education Management of Lifelong Education
Program Development in Lifelong Education Lifelong Education Internship