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The lifelong education interdisciplinary degree course aims to raise lifelong education experts needed in the 21st Century’s information and knowledge-based society, and through the broad study of diverse areas such as lifelong education, youth education, female education, and regional society education, it aims to provide a foundation for a new paradigm in various fields of education that are compatible with the study of lifelong education.

Academic Goals


Extracurricular Academic Activities

Hanshin University allows students to join the Korean Society for the Study of Lifelong Education as student members and participate in UNESCO or other social movements to academically develop one’s capacity as a lifelong educator. Within the university, student-centric lifelong education symposiums are held, as well as open classroom events that regional residents can also participate in.

Career Opportunities

This enables students to work in the field of lifelong education at various regional lifelong education institutions, media organizations and corporations, and in particular, allows students to work as a lifelong educator at regional lifelong education institutions which are operated by local governments. Those who also hold extra qualifications such as youth counselors, childcare workers, curators, or social workers are likely to be guaranteed a much wider range of job opportunities.