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Marketing and Social Survey

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In today’s fast-paced society, major trends are making quick appearances and even quicker disappearances. As such, timely analysis of and response to the environment and trends is becoming an important task for companies and social institutions. Consumers have also taken the initiative to form public opinions or evaluation about companies and products using the internet and mobile devices, increasing their voices even further. It has become essential to track in a speedy and in-depth manner what the societal members and consumers are thinking and what judgments they are making. Objective and scientific opinion survey and consumer survey are the answers, and there is a growing demand for survey professionals. The nurturing of survey experts does not rely on statistics, sociology or business administration alone but requires comprehensive perspective and professional knowledge encompassing relevant areas; however, current curriculum and the major system do not suffice. There is supply mismatch of talented resources, so the companies have to provide additional training once they recruit new hires. Even these resources fall short of the industry demand, and there is chronic shortage of necessary skills. The Interdisciplinary Program for Marketing and Social Survey combined the survey-related major disciplines to meet the industry need and aims to train competent resources. The program is not biased toward any specific major; it has carefully selected necessary courses that develop practical skills, so it gives extra leverage for students when they search for jobs in survey and marketing organizations. The program borrowed basic concepts and analytical practice from the Department of Statistics, and other input from the Departments of Business Administration and e-Business includes theory and practice in survey, consumer psychology, and marketing concepts so that the overall design of the program is targeted at developing professional survey competence.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

The Interdisciplinary Program is provided as a collaborative effort of the Departments of Business Administration, e-Business, and Information Statistics; therefore, students who have completed credits for their majors may freely participate in academic activities provided by the three departments.

Career Opportunities

Finishing the Interdisciplinary Program for Marketing and Social Survey indicates that the student shows strong performance in understanding the basic concepts of marketing and applying statistical survey methodology as a means to analyze social and business phenomena. Therefore, these students gain easier access to job opportunities in marketing and social survey organizations. Since environmental and trend analysis has become hot issues of late, they are in high demand in more general types of companies as well as social institutions and government agencies. The prospect is indeed very bright for these students after graduation.