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There is growing interest in insurance which acts as a risk management tool and socio-economic protection mechanism in times of unexpected accidents. And as the insurance and financial markets are liberalized, there is a higher demand for insurance and finance professionals who are capable of risk management skills. The Interdisciplinary Program for Insurance and Finance was established to supply the necessary resources by providing theoretical and practical on-site training to promote professional talents who will play a leading role in the industry. It will provide extra leverage for students who finish the program since it is designed to help them acquire certificates and find job opportunities more easily after graduation. The Interdisciplinary program effectively combines the basic disciplines (mathematics and information statistics) and applied disciplines (business administration and economics) so as to fulfill the society’s demand for insurance and finance professionals. It also incorporates career-centered education in the curriculum so as to reflect students’ interests. Students are encouraged to take basic courses in economics, business administration and information statistics as well as finance and securities-related subjects and insurance-related subjects, thus intensifying the degree of practical learning.

Academic Goals

The Interdisciplinary program provides practical insurance and finance knowledge needed in acquiring certification as financial risk management professional as well as CAS and SOA-certified actuary license. Other career options include investment analyst, credit analyst, wealth manager, stock broker and futures broker.

Career Opportunities

The liberalization of insurance and financial markets entails higher demand for industry professionals capable of risk management. The Interdisciplinary program allows students to obtain necessary skills in acquiring the actuary license. After graduation, students are provided with career options such as investment analyst, credit analyst, wealth manager, stock broker and futures broker.