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As more businesses are set up and urbanization progresses in modern society, women’s participation in labor is also increasing. At the same time, extended families are disintegrating into nuclear families, and there is changed mindset about the importance of infant and toddler stage, all of which brought about a shift in the demand for child care. The Interdisciplinary Program for Child Care is to foster child care workers who are capable of providing adequate care for the infants and toddlers and who are equipped with a healthy character, creative and progressive set of values, and professional knowledge and qualities. Child care givers are professionals who are in charge of providing care for the infants and toddlers, health care, counseling for the main care givers and management of care facilities. They research and apply education methodologies which best promotes balanced development of the child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth, constructs classroom environment, teaches infants and toddlers and provides adequate stimulus according to age and developmental stage. They also act as agents of information exchange to parents so that they can devote their time and effort to social and economic activities while keeping at bay concerns about their children. Communication skills are important for child care workers so that parents can have trust in the care givers and the care facility. In order to produce qualified child care professionals, the interdisciplinary program requires the students to take Child Care Attitude Training I and II, child care-related courses, and complete a total of 160 hours of child care field practice in 4 weeks. Once these prerequisites are fulfilled, students are eligible for child care worker license. With the license, they have ample opportunity to work in relevant fields as professionals.

Academic Goals

The Interdisciplinary Program is aimed to foster talented and creative child care workers whose personal traits include positive thinking and collaborative interpersonal skills and professional traits include expert knowledge, pedagogical skills and pride in the child care profession. They are capable of encouraging sound growth and development in infants, toddlers and children, and unleashing their full potentials.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

The Interdisciplinary Program is conducted under the collaboration of departments of Social Welfare, Rehabilitation, Christian Education, and Adapted Physical Education as well as Hanshin Day Care. Interdisciplinary seminars on child care are held annually, and students who completed their credits for child care major may freely participate in various academic activities provided by the four departments.

Career Opportunities

Career paths include child care workers and heads of child care facilities run by the government, workplace, private sector and household. Graduates can also work as after school child care workers and guidance counselors in welfare centers and primary schools. Other options include office worker or teacher in child welfare facilities or children’s counseling centers, health promoters in family heath support centers run by local governments nationwide, position in children-related industries, further studies in graduate schools.