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International Commerce in Northeast Asia

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Northeast Asia is home to the future economic powerhouse China and the current economic powerhouse Japan. As one of the BRIC countries, Russia has vast land which stretches from Northeast Asia to Europe, is rich in resources and has a large population of 150 million. All of them are important markets for exporting Korean goods and importing resources. The 21st century emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary studies. Hanshin University has related departments such as Chinese Culture and Information, Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, International Relations, International Economics, Business Administration, and e-Business, providing favorable environment for interdisciplinary programs.

Academic Goals

Northeast Asia is the center of dynamic growth leading the 21st century. The future of the Korean peninsula situated in the middle of the region depends on how it responds to the neighboring countries’ changes and how it capitalizes on the growth of the region. In order to proactively meet the challenges of the times and the region, the nurturing of talented international commerce professionals in Northeast Asia is a must. In order to foster such top-notch professionals equipped with language skills, regional expertise and practical knowledge in commerce, the Program for International Commerce in Northeast Asia was launched. The timely, specialized program is focused on training professionals and providing them with career opportunities, so it will be beneficial to the students who complete this program.

Career Opportunities

The program gives extra leverage to gaining a foothold in manufacturing and trading companies already present in China and Japan or which are doing business with these countries.