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The Department of e-Business offers practical training to produce e-business professionals whose demand is increasing in the new e-Business environment made possible by the development of Internet/information technologies of 21st Century. As corporate activities are being globalized and competition among companies becomes increasingly fiercer, most of the companies are faced with the challenge to ensure prompt and precise decision making and business strategies by utilizing various market data, business information from competitors or suppliers, and scientific business models.

The study of e-Business, which starts with the study of business administration and information technology, focuses on practical methodologies and application techniques through IT technologies to address issues arising from corporate activities in the Internet environment in a scientific and effective manner.

The demand for e-Business majors is increasing both in quantity and quality in the information age of the 21st Century. Against this backdrop, graduates of our department are able to go into a broad range of fields such as corporate business and IT-based technology application industries, or become academic professionals. More specifically, opportunities of business management, accounting, marketing, system integration, and e-Business jobs at Internet malls, portals, and Internet marketing firms are open for our graduates. Those who want to pursue further study can enter graduates schools for business administration, management information systems, and IT-applicable sciences.

Academic Goals

At the Department of e-Business of Hanshin University, we provide courses designed to train professionals who work hard and smart. To this end, we have developed the Hard and Smart Program to sharpen competitive edge of our students, focusing to enhance knowledge of their major subjects, global communication skills, and self-management capabilities. Our department offers three major courses covering Business Administration, IT, and e-Business.

The Business Administration courses consist of courses concerning overall corporate activities such as business administration, marketing, accounting, organization management, and other courses as taught at the Department of Business Administration. The IT courses cover technologies needed to realize e-Business. Related courses include management information systems, database, Web programming, e-Business system construction and management. The e-Business courses, which combine business administration and IT, include courses concerning IT-applicable corporate activities such as the introduction to e-Business, e-Business logistics, e-Business strategies, and ERP.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

Students can enhance their understanding and skills through access to the professors’ offices at the Internet Marketing Lab, Web Design Lab, and e-Management Engineering Lab according to their respective interest and major. A number of students have won prizes at the nation-wide Internet marketing competitions, raising the awareness of our department. Those majoring in Web Design and Management Engineering are also working day and night to become one of the top notch players. We also hold an annual CEO lecture by inviting chief executives who have expertise in IT, business administration, and e-Business to allow students to learn from their experiences and know-how.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may pursue careers in business administration such as administrative function, management consulting, research, and corporate management by entering graduate schools, or working at start-up businesses and government agencies, or starting their own ventures. Those who purse IT careers can engage in the research and development of IT systems. Besides, there are e-Business jobs such as e-Business management consulting, IT consulting, research and development of management information or e-Business systems.


Information Society & Business Administration Internet&Homepage
Principles of Marketing Web DesignI
Introduction to Web Programming e-AccountingI
Internet Marketing Introduction to e-Business
Web DesignII Advanced Web Programming
e-AccountingII e-Biginess Reseaech Method
Management Information Systems Database
Advanced Web ProgrammingII e-Business Solutions
e-Data Mining Information Retrieval
e-Business System Operation Logistics Management in e-Business
Strategic Management of e-Business Practice & Case Study
e-Business System Project Organization Management
e-Business Seminar Establishing e-Business
e-Business Practice e-Business System PracticeI
Seminar in Chinese Enterprise managementI e-Business Application PracticeI
e-Business PracticeII e-Business System PracticeII
Seminar in Chinese Enterprise managementII e-Business Application PracticeII