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International Economics is the study of economics in an international perspective. We focus on the macroeconomic analysis of international flows of capital and goods between companies or nations. In particular, we will take a brief view of global economic frameworks including the World Trade Organization and examine both benefits and costs of these frameworks.

Furthermore, our department encourages students to take a critical look at how such massive reorganization of the global economy affects or changes each economic agent in and outside of nations from the politico-economic perspective. As international transactions and interactions between countries continue to grow, the importance and significance of international economics inevitably increases because it is an exhaustive study of fundamental issues associated with human life from the global perspective.

Academic Goals

International economics mainly explores economy, the foundation of everything that occurs in our society. However, the study of international economics does not stop at an abstract understanding of economy. Rather, the study aims at a free intellectual understanding based on scientific perception and at social justice and peace of humankind through concrete analysis of globalization trends that dominate the modern economy.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

Students of the Department of International Economics can choose from four student circles for academic research, social activities, propagation and editing, and cultural activities. Each circle holds meetings on a weekly basis while students’ conferences have been held annually. In 2009, students and professors hosted the annual conference under the theme of “One Year after the Global Financial Crisis.”

Career Opportunities

Our graduates are actively working in trading firms, government agencies, financial institutions, and foreign companies. In particular, they have exhibited excellence at trade business, playing a key role in boosting export volumes.


Principles of EconomicsI,Ⅱ History of International Economics
Seminar in Contemporaru capitalism Logistic management
Principle of International Trade Lecture on international Finance Capital
World Economy International Transportation
Micro Economic International Economic History
World Economy and East Asian Economies World Economy and Korean Economy
International Political Economy Studies on America Economics
 Economic Integration World Crises
Original Text Reading of International Economics Studies on Europium Economics
Capitalism and Ecological Crises International Business
Macroeconomics Financial Studies on InternationalEconomics Organizations
Foreign Exchange International Marketing
Electronic Commerce International Economics of Resources
Business English Case Study on International Business
International Trade International Finance
Balance of Payments Practices in International Trade
Economic System and Social Movement