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At the Department of Economics of Hanshin University, we see economics as a science of human life and its progress. Therefore, instead of simply understanding the flow of economy, we aim to analyze the effects of economics on human beings and class structures and seek ways to improve the human conditions from a critical and future-oriented perspective.

We take pride in a unique humanistic approach to economics in that we attempt to reach the most marginalized of our society through the analysis of economic reality and the proposal of solutions based on the fundamental theories of economics.

Academic Goals

The chief objective of our Department of Economics is to produce talented economists with scientific, analytical skills, critical perception of society as a democratic citizen, and an independent and creative who can predict how globalization will unfold. To do so, we provide courses that focus on practical industrial training.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

The Basic Economics Research Association is a study group where students study basic economic theories, make presentations, and have discussions on economic phenomena and social issues, aiming to offer practical, academic help to students, and cultivate critical thinking skills in students to help them build a fairer and better society. The “Economic Survey of Industrial Areas” is a course of economics major that provides diverse field experiences in industrial fields. Students and professors visit regional businesses, regional chambers of commerce and industry, foreign workers’ centers, and trade unions in order to understand the real economy and come up with economic strategies for regional and national development.

Career Opportunities

Many of our graduates of our department are working in the public and private sectors such as corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, media companies, and research institutes while others are successful in various fields, playing a role as real estate appraisers, certified investment analysts, and fund managers.


Principles of Economics1 Principles of Economics2
Political Economy North Korean Economy
Mathematics for Economist Economic Statistics
Principles of Macro-economic Theory Micro Economics
Analysis of Economic Data Analysis of Modern Capitalism
Survey of Industries and Regional Economies in Korea Modern Economic History of Korea
Law for Economic Life Readings in Economic Texts l
History of Contemporary Economic Doctrines Theory of Economic Development
Labour Economics Theory of Income Distribution
Economic History of Korea Economic Seminar
Industrial Economics Economics of Culture
Industry and Finance Money and Banking
Public Finance Introduction to Institutional Economics
Theory of Economic Crises Korean Economy
Industrial Relation & Trade Union Theories of Knowledge Economics
Theory of Economic Policy Financial Institutions
Enuiromental Economics Lectures in Political Economy
History of Contemporary Economic Doctrines Economics of Real Estate
Economics of Financial Assets Regional Econmic Studies
Theory of Economic Growth The East Asian Economy
Study on the Economic Figures