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Today, we are living in the age of persuasion. The study of advertising, public relations, and visual communication focuses on persuasive communication that has a power to move human mind. The importance of this persuasive communication is increasing as newer forms of media continue to emerge and the informatization of society progresses. The Department of Advertising & Public Relations of Hanshin University, founded 15 years ago, will be elevated to division status in upcoming 2011. The newly established Division of Advertising & Visual Communication will provide a variety of courses to train media professionals. The students of the Division of Advertising & Visual Communication can major in both Advertising & PR and Visual Communication.

Academic Goals

At the Division of Advertising & Visual Communication of Hanshin University, we offer systematic education that combines basics of communications and advertising, public relations, and visual communications. Students can take advanced courses for their respective major after completing general courses on mass media, advertising, public relations, and methodology. The proportion of practical training at our Division is nearly 30 percent, which is much larger than other universities. Furthermore, our Division offers a larger number of courses concerning digital media in an effort to prepare for the rapidly changing information age. Practical training courses and digital media courses take place at exclusive labs with state-of-art equipment.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

There are five students’ research associations actively operating to study subjects related to advertising, public communications, and visual communications: ‘Yu-woo-kwang-kki’, ‘O.F.A. (Only for Advertising)’, ‘Triple A (Advertising, Architecture, and Academy)’, ‘kwang-to’, and ‘kwang-pal-ja’ About 80 percent of students of our Division are participating in activities of research associations, which is the highest participation level among departments or Divisions of advertising and public relations in Korea.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our Division are working as accountant executives(AE), creative directors(CD), art directors, copywriters, and commercial directors at advertising agencies or PR firms while some of them are employed as advertising and PR specialists by large businesses. Students majoring in advertising and visual communication are able to work in music video, film, animation industries, and other futuristic strategic industries. It is also possible to work for broadcasting networks, computer game productions, web-design firms, event productions, and computer graphic productions. Other choices include sound design, photography, and character design. In recent years, new professional areas have been created in digital media and mobile advertising industries.


Understanding of Media Introduction to Advertizing
Introduction to Public Relations Persuasive Communication
Advertising & Society Statistics for Social Science
Advertising and Public Relations Research Methods Introduction to Communication Arts
Psychology of Advertising Advertising & Marketing
 History of Advertising Presentation
 Cultural Contents Analysis Political Advertising
International Advertising Advertising Law and Ethics
Strategies in Advertising Advertising Management
Advertising Planning Advertising Media Planning
Public Relations Management Writing for Public Relations
Marketing Public Relations Public Communication Campaigns
International Public Relation Event Planning
Consumer Behavior Writing for Broadcasting
Practice of Commercial Photo Advertising Copywriting
Computer Graphic TV Commercial Production
Web Design and Development Planning of Digital Contents
Mass Culture Theories Web Production
Visual Storytelling Commercial Film Production
Introduction to Visual Indestry Rich Media Development
Seminar in Visual Media Graphic Design
Video Production & Editing Psychology of Visual Communication
Vidio & Sound