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The role of a business continues to grow as an economic agent that produces and supplies goods needed for human life. The role of a professional business manager is crucial to keeping these business activities on track. The Department of Business Administration of Hanshin University provides professional knowledge and skills in order to train talented business managers who will be able to lead a more developed industrial society.

The competence and capability of a business manager decides the success or failure of a company. An incompetent, immoral manager is likely to accumulate personal wealth through unfair means or to bankrupt the most thriving company in the blink of an eye, plunging the national or world economy into a crisis. At our Department of Business Administration, we strive to avoid this type of manager. Instead, we aim to produce business managers who are equipped not only with knowledge and skills but also with integrity and character as a leader and who are committed to reasonable practices and democratic leadership.

Academic Goals

The objective of our Department of Business Administration is to train business leaders who are able to take a leading role in the industrialized society of the future through scientific exploration of various business theories and strategies. We aim for the development of new theories based on the existing knowledge and the application of knowledge-intensive and comprehensive approaches in an attempt to adapt to the era of open market and globalization. Furthermore, we seek to cultivate future-oriented leaders who are able to design and maintain a new social structure and business system that ensures happiness of human beings in the days to come.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

“Project” is a research association for marketing where students meet on a regular basis, studying fundamental marketing principles to analyze and assess marketing activities of corporate enterprises. Besides, a presentation competition takes place periodically to check how the students apply what they learnt to develop marketing and communication strategies. Project is coordinated with the consistent support and advice from the MAD consisting of graduates working at marketing or advertising fields. “Jonathan” is a study association for business administration where students learn and discuss the fundamentals of business administration such as personnel management, finance, accounting, production marketing as well as the most recent issues of business and economy. Jonathan holds a weekly seminar, but if there is an issue or activity of common interest, students take part in the group study or volunteer work because the association sees that university students need to have a wide range of knowledge and experience outside their major in order to train their practical skills. “Woomok” is an association for debates on current issues. Students meet on a weekly basis to debate important social issues. Regardless of seniority, both juniors and seniors are encouraged to make a prepared speech and to draw a conclusion. By doing so, they will be able to understand how to express their thoughts logically and to have an insight for various issues surrounding our society. The “Editing Committee” is a weekly basis association where students make a summary of the photographic articles they scrapped on current issues and express their thoughts. Besides, the members of the committee make records of every activity at the Department of Economics. In the end of each semester, the committee publishes a book that contains activities of each committee and grade.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Business Administration have a variety of job opportunities. Our graduates are working in the corporate sector such as manufacturing or service industries, the financial sector such as banks, insurance companies, and securities companies. Others who passed the Grade 7 or 9 civil service exam are working at government agencies. Additionally, graduates can pursue careers at venture capital companies, trading firms, and research institutes on business or economy. Those who complete the teacher training course can become teachers at information industry high schools. Students can aim for a certified public account by taking the exam held by the Korean or American Institute of Certified Public Accounts. It is also possible to be employed by corporate marketing or advertising / communication agencies.


Introduction to International Studies Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to American Studies Analysis of International Political Economy
Globalization and Neo-Liberalism Seminar on the Korean Reunification
International Relations in East Asia Internet and International Politics
International NGOs and International Solidarity War and Peace
World Politics and Environmental Issues WTO and Korea
The United States and the United Nations English for International Meetings and Negotiations
International Relations between the US and East Asia International Relations between the US and Europe
What is Democracy? Theory of War
Contemporary International Politics and Sovereignty International Organization
Geopolitics of Eurasia Civilization of Eurasia
Studies of Political Leadership Theory and Reality of Electoral Politics
Democracy and Political Institution Understanding of the US-Korean Relations
Gender Politics Mass Media and Politics
Political Marketing and Political Consulting Korean Politics
Understanding of Political Thought Understanding of Contemporary North Korea
Theory and Reality of Political Parties Special Issues of Politics
Local Politics and Administration Understanding of the Constitution
Issues of contemporary Korean politics Politics of International Trade
Contemporary political theory International Law and International Organizations
History of International Relations International Convention and Event
Case Studies of International Conflict Studies of Eurasia
European Culture and European Integration Understanding of Contemporary Russia
American Politics and Society American Foreign Policy and World Order
Understanding of American Civilization Seminar on Worold Capitalism
Theory of Contemporary International Relations United States and Eurasia
Civil Society and State Current International Relations