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The Department of Chinese Studies was established in response to the need for regional studies amidst the fast-progressing global era. What are regional studies? They analyze each region of the world with an understanding of the history, language, culture and geography in combination with social science theories. The Department of Chinese Studies, as the name implies, is focused on the study of China. China is much like the Wild West of America in the industrial age in terms of its potential and endless possibilities. There is explosive growth in the amount of attention paid to the present and future China, and footprints left behind by pioneers. Right after the two countries normalized diplomatic ties, China became Korea’s 3rd largest trading partner, and now it is the 2nd largest trading partner.
China is becoming an ever closer neighbor with its accession to the WTO and the hosting of the summer Olympic Games. China provides Korea with open access to the world market. China is as influential as the US in the unification of the Korean peninsula and peace in Northeast Asia, and it holds one of the keys to the future for Korea and its people. The Department aims to build a bridge so that students may be able to understand the country better and form relevant ties.

Academic Goals

Curriculum is designed in such a way as to cultivate the necessary perspective and competence to scientifically analyze the Chinese region. The Department is staffed with faculty members whose majors range from political science, economics, and sociology to language and culture. Needless to say, they are all recognized in their respective disciplines.
The curriculum provided at the Department is unrivaled by other undergraduate and graduate programs in its systematic, comprehensive, diverse and resilient nature. It is composed of language training and basic skills, political analysis, economic analysis, social analysis, cultural analysis, and integrated development studies.
Each field of studies branches out to beginner course (for sophomores) and advanced course (for juniors and seniors). The curriculum’s strength also lies in the on-site practical training programs. Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to take part in short-term training programs during the summer season to study the language and conduct field investigation in Beijing, Suzhou, and other cities.

Career Opportunities

Traditionally, China experts were thought to become interpreters, translators, scholars or media professionals, but now students aspire to work in the trade and tourism industries as well as in the diplomatic arena. More job opportunities imply that China has emerged as a strong player in the international political and economic order. The graduates find themselves in graduate schools, trade, tourism, retail sectors, venture start-up companies, publishing houses or as public officials, teachers and diplomats.


Workshop on Area StudiesⅠ Workshop on Area StudiesⅡ
Workshop on Area StudiesⅢ Workshop on Area StudiesⅣ
Exercise in elementary Course of Chinese LanguageⅠ Exercise in elementary Course of Chinese
History of World and China  Exercise in elementary Course of Chinese Language ⅠⅡ
Elementary Spoken ChineseⅡ Area Study and Social Science
Chinese Economic Geography Exercise in Intermediate Course of Chinese Language IⅠ
Intermediate course of Chinese Conversation IⅠ Introduction to Modern Chinese Politics
Introduction to Chinese EconomyⅠ Introduction to Chinese Culture
Analysis on chinese Data and Information Readings in Foreign Materials on Business
Exercise in Intermediate Course of Chinese Language IⅡ Intermediate course of Chinese Conversation IⅡ
Area Study and Comparative Method Fieldwork of Area Study
Introduction to Chinese EconomyⅡ Introduction to Modern Chinese Sociology
China News Analysis Exercise in Chinese-Korean Translation
Listening in Modern Chinese Intensive Advanced Chinese I
Audio-visual Work in Conversation Chinese Political Thoughts
Political History of Modern China Analysis survey on Chiness Society
Seminar in Chinese market Seminar in Chinese Enterprise management
Dialogue with Contemporary China Chinese Economic Law
Seminar in Chinese Arts Seminar in Chinese Modern Literature
Theory of Subject Teaching Introduction to Chinese Classical Works
Social survey on Chinese Society Study of Subject Material & Method of Orientation
Intensive Advanced Chinese Business chinese
Chinese Foreign Policy Political Change in Modern China
Transfortation Economy in East Asia Exercise in International Management and Business
International Trade and Forign Investment in China Social Change in Modern China
Sex and Society in China Chinese Movies and Chinese Society
Seminar in Chinese Thought Seminar in Current Chinese Affairs
Introduction to Chinese Culture China's Economic Policy
Relation between China and Korea