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The Department of Rehabilitation aims to 1) perform academic research in response to the social needs for rehabilitation and welfare of the disabled, 2) develop effective rehabilitation programs with special emphasis on social, psychological and occupational rehabilitation, 3) nurture rehabilitation professionals who have the aptitude, expertise, and competence, and thereby 4) exert effort to develop the socially marginalized, disabled population’s potential capabilities, protect human rights, and increase quality of life to promote social justice.

Academic Goals

The discipline aims to produce rehabilitation professionals in order to conduct academic research in response to the social needs for rehabilitation and welfare of the disabled and to develop effective rehabilitation services. Special emphasis is placed on occupational, psychological, and social rehabilitation. Students take courses in psychological and social assessment programs for detection of disabilities in early childhood, psychological rehabilitation programs to promote development and social skills for children who suffer from behavioral and mental disorders such as autism and ADD, behavior modification and adaptive training programs to assess competence of the disabled and to improve their adaptive skills, and on-the-job training and ways to promote job opportunities for the disabled. They may take courses in teaching so that they can become teachers in special or ordinary schools helping the disabled students in occupational rehabilitation. They can also engage in various exchange programs to grow a sense of devotion and volunteerism and love and affection for mankind.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

Occupational Rehabilitation Society is engaged in joint research with field practitioners for employment of the disabled. It holds annual symposiums to bring theory and practice together, and bring great learning opportunities to students. Clinical Rehabilitation Society is focused on psychological rehabilitation of the disabled; studies behavioral problems and their characteristics and designs intervention accordingly. Children Rehabilitation Society observes children with disabilities through psychological assessment and diagnosis, develops mediation plans through in-depth discussions, and thereby provides adequate education service. Each society presents research findings at the annual symposium, provides feedback and promotes information sharing.

Career Opportunities

Students interested in occupational rehabilitation, upon graduation, join the occupational rehabilitation team either in the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled or local welfare centers for the disabled, promoting employment opportunities for the disabled. Students who major in play therapy advance to the graduate program and continue with clinical practice targeting disabled children. Students with occupational training as their major find jobs as special education teachers and teach students with disabilities.


Introduction to Disability Child Development
Introduction to Vocational Rehabilitation Developmental Psychopathology
Rehabilitation Facilities Education for the People with Mental Rehabilitation
Vocational Rehabilitation counseling Research Methods for Rehabilitation
Vocational Evaluation Abnormal Psychology
Education for the People with Physical Impairment Rehabilitation Statistics
Theories and Skills of Individual Counseling The Theory and Practice Play Therapy
Vocational Adjustment Training Education for the People with Visual Impairment
Group Counseling Learning Theory and Behavior Modification
Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis Cognitive Psychology
Psychology of Personality Education for the People with Hearing Impairment
Social Work Practicum  Practicum Seminar
Rehabilitation Methodology Sheltered and Supported Employment
Parent Education Social Psychology
Biological Psychology Education for the People with Emotional Disturbance
Advanced Sign Language Rehabilitation Administration and Policy
Independent Living Introduction to Assistive Technology
Job Development and Placement Community Based Rehabilitation
Understanding of the Psychological and practical Issues Faced by Children with Disabilities and Their Families and the Approaches to Them