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Social welfare covers a comprehensive study where theory is closely connected with practice. Professional knowledge and commitments to address social problems are essential to provide social welfare services and implement related policies.

The curriculum of our Department of Social Welfare provides courses such as Social Welfare Ethics and Philosophy, Skills and Techniques for Social Work Practice, Social Welfare Policy, and Social Welfare with Children, Women, and Labor Policy. We focus on improving practical skills and capabilities of students through field work practice.

In doing so, our department is committed to train professional social workers who can build a better welfare society by covering a variety of theories and practices that are essential for field work.

Academic Goals

The chief objective of the Department of Social Welfare is to train human service professionals who can prevent and address problems of modern society and build a true welfare society.

To this end, our department provides theoretical practical learning experiences based on basic social science knowledge through professional social work methods, and analysis and development of social welfare policies and systems that are necessary to improve social functioning of individuals, members of a family, or of a larger group and organization, and community.

Social welfare study, a comprehensive applied social science, aims to systemically improve social conditions to prepare for and resolve key issues facing modern society and to provide professional support that can enable social functioning of individuals and members of groups, organizations, or communities.

The major issues in social welfare are poverty, social security, welfare for the disabled, welfare for the

Career Opportunities

As social problems are becoming more complicated and rapidly increasing, the need for professional handling, treatment, and prevention also grows. Against the backdrop, the demand for those majoring in social welfare is surging and graduates are able to choose from various career paths. Most of them are working as social workers at social welfare facilities or professionals at various welfare-related organizations, while some of our graduates can assume the position of public social workers or administrators at government agencies. More specifically, graduates can work as social workers at community welfare centers or other welfare facilities. In addition, they can also pursue careers in professional fields as healthcare social workers, mental health social workers, school social workers, correction social workers, industrial social workers, family therapists, counselors, volunteer social workers for large companies, and administrators.

Moreover, they can take exams for grade 5 civil service social welfare positions, grade 7 positions, and grade 9 positions (public social worker positions), or work at the public administration sector that includes the National Pension Service, Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service, and the National Health Insurance Corporation. Our graduate school is open to those who want further study of social welfare.


Human Behavior & Social Environment Child Welfare
Youth Welfare Correctional Social Welfar
Introduction to Social Welfare Social work in mental health
Social Welfare Administration Social Welfare Economics
Voluntary Service NGO and Social Welfare
Skills and Techniques for Social Work Practice Social Movement and Welfare
Global Society and Environment Social Welfare Policy
Social Work Practice Ⅰ Disadled Movement
Historical Development of Social Welfare Social Work Practice Theories
Seminar on Social Work Practice IIⅠ Community Welfare Movement
Studies in Social Problems Community Welfare
Social Work With Families/Family Therapy Welfare State
Theory of capitalist society Data Analysis for Social Welfare
Social Work Practice Ⅱ Program Development and Evaluation
Mental Health Social Work in Health care
Seminar on Social Work Practice Ⅱ The Practice of Social Administration
Poverty Group Work
Seminar for Social Welfare Social Service for Women
Law of Social Welfare Comparative Study of Social Welfare
Social work Practice Ethics Industrial Social Welfare
Social Security Introduction to Welfare for the People with Disabilities
Issues in social Welfare Social Gerontology
 Social Service for the Elderly School social work