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Sociology is the most comprehensive studies in social sciences and is closely connected with social phenomena. It covers a broad range of areas such as politics, economy, society, and culture, as well as areas neglected by other social sciences, allowing a comprehensive thinking and recognition and a more complete and substantial understanding of society. At the Department of Sociology of Hanshin University, we focus on producing most brilliant intellectuals with progressive and critical thoughts and identity.

Academic Goals

The objective of our Department of Sociology is to contribute to the development of our society by producing people who play a variety of roles as citizens, professionals, and culturally-minded individuals rooted in real world with socially-driven and human-oriented thinking and power of execution.
First, we emphasize a theoretical approach to human beings and society that can help better understand Korean society in order to foster citizens with healthy minds. To do this, we apply a variety of theoretical, methodological explanations for a scientific understanding of specific social conditions.
Second, we aim to train practical members of civil society with an open view point on the world who are able to seek ways to progress and develop Korean society. We also encourage students to identify, analyze, and try to find solutions to absurdities and injustices observed in social phenomena. In so doing, students will be equipped with faith in social progress and intellectual insight.
Third, we intend to train professionals who have expert knowledge needed to understand the past and the present and prepare for the future. To this end, we will cultivate in students the ability to adapt to and thrive in the rapidly changing modern society and the professional competence to practically contribute to the maintenance and development of society.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

Students’ activities are the core of university life, providing energy to the mind and helping develop interpersonal skills. Hanshin University actively encourages students to participate in liberal and proactive activities. Students, by actively engaging in various activities, can understand how to develop relationships with other members of society, acquire humanistic leadership, and create a pioneering and diverse university culture, contributing to the development of our society and preparing for the long-term future.

Career Opportunities

Sociology is a living science that attempts to diagnose the cause of the social problems in the rapidly changing modern world and suggest feasible solutions to the problems. Students majoring sociology are expected to become intellectuals with critical thinking about society who aim for and can contribute to social progress and democratic maturity.
Graduates of our department are pursuing careers as scholars or involved in the operation, management, labor administration at media or publishing companies, research institutes, government agencies, opinion survey institutes, corporations, financial institutions, and social organizations. Some of them are working as certified survey analysts. Critical and liberal thinking, obtained and reinforced through the study of sociology, is essential to unify and lead people in every area.


Understanding of Contemporary Sociological Theories Historical Sociology
Classical Sociology political Sociology
Gender and Society Methods in Social ResearchⅠ,Ⅱ
Newspaper & Society Research of Korean SocietyⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ
Social Stratification Korean society in modern history
Social Psychology Understanding of Modern Society
Social problem in Korea Information Society and lnternet Practice
Research of Civic Social Movement Capitalism Society & Labor
Sociology of Information Society Urban Sociology & communities
Studies on American Society Division & Reunification
Comparative Sociology Culture and Everyday Life
Civil Society and Movement Seminar on SociologyⅠ,Ⅱ
Social Research & Studies Pratices Organization & Human
Understanding of North Korea Society Industrial relations and labour movement
Globalization and Social Change Marriage, Love, & Family
Female Labor in Inderstiral Society Studies in Masculinities
Studies in Films and Society Focused Lecture on Sociological Thought
Sociology of Mass Culture Topics in SociologyⅠ,Ⅱ
Civil Society and Movement Economy and Society
Reading in SociologyⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ