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The goal of our Department of Korean History is to cultivate students’ capabilities to predict how the present and future society will develop based on different perspectives and scientific and systematic approach to Korea history as well as history of the eastern and western worlds. In particular, Students will take a close look at a variety of results of the study made by modern historians. Students will be able to grasp the knowledge of Korean history and culture by studying artifacts at the Museum of Hanshin University which was open in 1991 and by directly engaging in archaeological surface survey or excavation projects in and around Seoul, for instance, at the Pungnap Earthen Fortress where artifacts from the Baekje Dynasty have been recovered.

The fact that our Department of Korean History is growing is well exhibited in a variety of academic cultural activities such as the Sema Reunion, the Academic and Cultural Festival, and the Stone Inscription Display operated by students.

Academic Goals

 - Objectives of Study
(1) Develop new theories of history and research methodologies by understanding and assessing research results made by studies of modern and contemporary Korean history.
(2) Examine a broad range of research results of anthropology and historical archaeology to intensify and promote the understanding of history of everyday life and economic history.
(3) Enhance the knowledge of Korea’s cultural history through exchange and cooperation with Korean studies.
(4) Study regional history.
 - Objectives of Teaching
(1) Improve students’ linguistic competence needed for understanding of fundamental historical materials and encourage students to develop a scientific view of history for each period and field.
(2) Encourage students to acquire professional knowledge about Korea’s traditional chemistry, sculpture, architecture, music, and arts, and other cultural achievements while involving them in excavation of prehistoric sites and field surveys to enhance their understanding of cultural relics recovered from burials.
(3) Help students enhance the knowledge in occidental and oriental history while allowing them to teach history by offering the teacher training courses and teaching practices.
(4) Help students cultivate liberal and critical thinking and perspectives needed to resolve crucial issues facing Korea’s modern history by making them ponder over various ideologies and ideas. 
 - Knowledge Practice
Support students’ independent activities to enable them to help them cultivate autonomous and cooperative thinking, an integral part of community life.


Career Opportunities

Our Department of Korean History has produced more than 1300 alumni since it was founded in 1981. Most of the alumni are working in various fields such as media, publishing, and education. Those who studied at graduate schools are employed by history-related government agencies including the National Institute of Korean History, research institutes, and museums. In recent days, a growing number of our alumni are studying archival science, working as archivists at the Blue House (the President’s Office of Korea), the National Assembly, and other public organizations.


Introduction to History Introduction to Archival Science
Ancient History of Europe Introduction to Korean History
eory and Practice of Archival Management Contemporary History of Europe
Introduction of Archaeology Theory of History Teaching
Medieval History of Europe Readings in Korean HistoryⅠ
Archeology of East Asia Modern History of Europe
Readings in Korean HistoryⅡ History of Korean Archeology
Topics in European HistoryⅠ Readings in Korean HistoryⅢ
Prehistoric Archaeology Seminar in Ancient History of KoreaⅠ
Topics in European HistoryⅡ Methodology of Korean History
Medieval History of KoreaⅠ Intellectual and Culture of Buddhism
Introduction to European History Practice of Archaeology
Ancient History of KoreaⅡ Topics in Asian HistoryⅠ
Introduction to Asian History Modern History of Korea
Medieval History of KoreaⅡ Topics in Asian HistoryⅡ
Contemporary History of Korea History of Korean Arts
History of Korean Arts and Music History of North Korea
Social & Intellectual History of Korea Topics in Korean History
Socio-Economic History of KoreaⅠ History of National Independence Movements
Socio-Economic History of KoreaⅡ History of Korean Culture
History of Korean Christians National Movements