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Philosophy is the liberal, intellectual discipline seeking to find answers to the most important and fundamental issues we confront in life through introspective questioning. Philosophical people constantly doubt and explore human existence, history, and the world. Hanshin University has diverse philosophies rooted in freedom. We are the pluralistic and progressive department. Our department offers our students comprehensive academic opportunities, covering both western and eastern philosophy as well as Korean ideas.

This diverse curriculum will enable students to access a variety of philosophical schools, principles, and arguments with a critical and open mind. At our Department of Philosophy, students approach philosophy as a repository of boundless human ideas, discussing Socrates and Confucius, analyzing Kant and Nietzsche, and exploring the world of existentialism and structuralism.

Academic Goals

Our Department of Philosophy seeks to train independent, critical, and creative individuals with practical reason and sound emotion rather than simply delivering knowledge of philosophy. Therefore, our objectives is to cultivate students who seek fundamental truths of nature and principles of existence and human life, who are committed to building a more beautiful, just, and better world, who never hesitate fighting against falsehood, injustice, self-righteousness, and violence, and who willingly dedicate themselves to universal happiness and ideal of humankind, regardless of all difficulties and hardship.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

Students’ academic associations for reading original works by philosophers, ancient philosophy, and modern philosophy are regularly holding symposiums and gatherings in which professors, graduates, and undergraduates actively participate. Students of every grade are encouraged to attend the thesis examination. Every autumn, students’ associations publish the journal ‘Hanshin Philosophy’ that includes students’ articles, essays, and debates. Furthermore, students except for seniors are required to take part in annual philosophy excursions designed to enhance community spirit and solidarity among students, professors, and junior and seniors. Sarangje, the main festival of the Department of Philosophy takes place every May to incorporate professors, students, and alumni of the our department.

Career Opportunities

Our Department of Philosophy has produced a great number of outstanding graduates since it was established nearly 30 years ago. Some of our graduates take the path of a philosopher. Others are employed by companies or working as teachers at middle or high schools, journalists, advertising agents, administrators of civic organizations, and writing teachers. In addition, since our department offers courses for students who want the teaching profession, those who complete the courses can acquire qualification as a philosophy teacher of middle or high schools. The GP course allows senior students to take seminar classes of the graduate school to earn credits, enabling them to build more profound knowledge on what they learnt as undergraduates. We also administer a certification exam to select qualified writing teachers under the cooperation with the departments of philosophy of other universities.


Philosophical Excursion I.II Logic
Introduction To Philosophy Philosophical English Ⅰ
Philosophical English Ⅱ Philosophical Chinese
Philosophical Reading in Chinese I, II Philosophy Pedagogy
Donghak Thought Oriental Philosophy and Medicine
Problems of Philosophy Taoism
Special Topics in Taoism Korean Neo-Confucianism
History of Western Ancient and Medieval Philosophy History of Modern Western Philosophy
Philosophy of Language Philosophy of History
Philosophy of Art Ethics
Applied Ethics Epistemology
History of Chinese Philosophy Philosophical Analysis and DebateⅠ, Ⅱ
History of Korean Philosophy Contemporary Anglo-American Philosophy
Special Lecture on Chinese Philosophy Dialectics of Subject and Object 1,2
Philosophy of Mind Metaphysics
German Idealism Contemporary European Philosophy
Lectures on Contemporary European Philosophy Lectures on Greek Philosophy
Myth and Thought Understanding of Western Ancient Thoughts
Philosophy of Western Classics Literature and Philosophy
Phenomenology North Korean Philosophy
Pragmatism Social Philosophy
Philosophy of Culture Marxism
Political Philosophy Philosophy of Film
Chinese and Buddhism Buddhist Philosophy
History of Indian Philosophy Empiricism and Rationalism
Korean Practical Learning Ki-Philosophy
Korean Buddhism
Critical Thinking and Essay Writing
Ontology of Cinema Philosophy of Science
A Special Lecture on Philosophical Trends of Chinese Modernization Selected Readings in Philosophical Classics and Debate Exercise
Pedagogy of Philosophical Education How to teach Philosophy Courses
Teaching Materials and Methods for Philosophy Courses How to teach Logical Essay Writing
How to teach Philosophy