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Our department is committed to fostering students equipped with the ability of transnational communication, advanced literacy, critical thinking and creative ideas. Providing intensive courses in English language and literature, we value the transformative power of humanities education to better human life and society. We aim to raise 21st-century intellectuals, who will contribute to both local and global society by actualizing humanistic values and the spirit of liberal arts.
Our department has a wide range of courses dealing mainly English linguistics and literature. Through our linguistics courses, you will not only study the history of the language of English, its structural characteristics, current usage, but also explore the reality of language as an essential for human beings. You will also have in-depth understandings of your native language in the mean while. Our English literature courses include the study of British and American literature and culture, and that of literatures written in English produced outside the U.S. and Britain. Our practical courses taught by native English-speaking faculty will help you enhance your skills in English as a global language.
A body of outstanding professors, intensive coursework, and close relationship between professors and students are the advantage of our department. Forerunners in research and enthusiastic in teaching, the professors of our department do their best to help students actualize their potentials.
We hope you join our quest for excellence in bettering the world. You will find yourself enjoying the entire learning process and training in our department.

Academic Goals

Our English Language courses are designed to allow students to understand the history, syntax, and usage of English more precisely. Furthermore, our English Usage by native English professors makes it possible for students to express themselves in everyday life. At our Advanced English, students read to excellent English sentences of today in order to increase reading comprehension and critical thinking required of intellectuals living in the globally driven world.

Extracurricular Academic Activities

Our English literature courses include the study of Shakespeare, and other British and American literary canons and modern masterpieces in poetry, fiction, and drama, building on the high-level reading comprehension critical thinking of students an in-depth understanding of human living in Britain and North America. As a result, students will be able to correctly understand British and American culture and history and assess how their culture and history have contributed to world history and what roles they will play in the future. Students are able to better understand the significance of English language and literature by studying modern English literature produced outside Britain and North America.

Career Opportunities

Graduates who learn our curriculum and understand the idea of education can work as a creative intellectual in the domestic and international community beyond nationality, ethnicity, and culture. Graduates who complete the relevant teacher training course and are qualified as secondary school teachers can go into education. Our Department of English Language and Literature is steadily expanding the student exchange program with major universities in English-speaking countries in order to broaden the experience and knowledge of our talented students by training them internationally.


 English Listening PracticeⅠ  English ConversationⅠ
 English Listening PracticeⅡ  English Conversation Ⅱ
 English Introduction to English Literature l  Survey of English LiteratureⅠ
 Survey of English Linguistics  Survey of American Literature
 Survey of English Literature Ⅱ  Advanced English Conversation Ⅰ
 Advanced English Composition Ⅰ  Advanced English Ⅰ
 19th Century British Literature Ⅰ  Advanced English Conversation Ⅱ
 Advanced English Composition Ⅱ  Advanced English Ⅱ
 English Phonology  19th Century British Literature Ⅱ
 Advanced English Composition Ⅰ  English GrammarⅠ
 Middle Age and Renaissance Literature  20th Century British Novel
 19th Century American Literature  18th Century British Literature
 Advanced English CompositionⅡ  English GrammarⅡ
 Shakespeare  British & American Literary Criticism
 20th Century British Poetry  History of the English Language
 20th Century American Novel  Modern British & American Drama
 British & American Literary Criticism  20th Century American Poetry
 Practical English  Understanding Contemporary English Literature